Back in 2010, Maeli still lived on Silver Hand, in a guild that barely played anymore, never mind raiding. But Silver Hand is the home of Leftovers, a really amazing organization/community for raiding. I hooked up with a raiding group called Gonna Die! and started raiding ICC. I had done a couple of TotC pugs, but ICC was my first real raiding experience. This group had Lower Spire on farm when I joined up, but past that we were still learning fights. They were a great, fun group of people and I still feel lucky that I got to run with them.


Getting ready for Marrowgar. Back in the days when hunters had mana.

Every August, I go to Pennsic, an event where 10,000 or so people spend two weeks camping and pretending it’s the middle ages. It’s a lot of fun. In August of 2010, while I was at Pennsic, Gonna Die killed the Lich King for the first time. It turned out that was also the last time. ICC had been out for a long time, and a large portion of the raid group was just burnt out. So they killed Arthas, and they called it quits. I wasn’t there, so I was just out of luck. We did a lot of retro raids after that – I got to do the old ZA and ZG thanks to that group. But no more ICC.

Chilling with my hunter friend Quinnaria before Blood Princes. Her hair is white and she had Zod’s at this point while I didn’t yet. Otherwise, twins.

I started playing Warcraft shortly before the Ulduar patch came out. I am, to use a hated term, a “Wrath Baby.” I spent a lot of time in Northrend. I ran a lot of dungeons. I got really super into the lore. I read several of the Warcraft novels including, while we were working on ICC, Arthas: Rise of the Lich King. All of this adds up to what Catulla would call “complicated feelings about Northrend.” So not getting to kill Arthas, getting every other boss in ICC down except him, is something that has been eating at me for 2 years. In all this time I never managed to get into a pug or guild run that actually finished – they either fell apart before ever getting to the Lich King (most pugs) or were unable to kill him despite being level 85 (one of the times I went with my guild).

While I was at Pennsic this year, my guild on Shadowsong killed the Lich King. On Heroic, no less. I didn’t find this out until I got home, and I was, to put it mildly, upset. But I got over it, mostly by reminding myself that I haven’t actually been playing on Shadowsong all that much this summer – the guild had been really quiet, not a lot of people around, and I started leveling some alts over on Medivh, with Waypoint. Who also, I should note, killed the Lich King while I was at Pennsic.

I was having a bad day…..

I got back from Pennsic, and Snack said “Let’s kill Arthas this Friday!” and I…couldn’t, because I had more camping to do. I got very upset about this. But then, finally, on Friday August 24th, I went to ICC with Waypoint.

Picked up a few achievements along the way.

Raid was scheduled until 10:30 PM, and I really needed to be done around then, as my boyfriend (who was also in the raid) really wanted to go out to our usual club that night, since we hadn’t been out since early July. I think we got to Arthas around 10:25 or so. We started the fight. We made it through the first transition. I remembered to Tranq Shot the Shambling Horrors. Everything was going great! And then, the Val’kyr came out.

This was my view for the rest of the fight.

I got dropped off the side. I was afraid we would wipe, because a few people were dead, and it was getting late. I was getting very stressed out. But I should never have doubted Waypoint.

Cudubh and I sat there and watched the cinematic, even though we’ve seen it before. I cried. Out of happiness, out of relief. He is finally dead, and I will wear this title proudly. I don’t care that it’s 2 years late. I am a Kingslayer.

Thank you, Waypoint. Thank you so much.


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