I just don’t know…

I have tried to start a blog before. It did not last very long. Perhaps this one will be different, it’s impossible to say.

I spend a great deal of time playing World of Warcraft. My “main” is a Night Elf hunter named Maeli, but at this point she is my main only in that she has the most achievements and is the only one I raid on. I am not currently playing her outside of raiding at all – and I don’t raid very often. I am on standby for my guilds main 10 man group, and that’s it.

I spend most of my game time lately on any of my small army of alts. I just recently joined the Gnome Clones of Punt This. My clone is Lillimae, a priest, who is currently level 12. I was getting really demoralized trying to level her until I realized the solution – get the hell out of Dun Morogh/Loch Modan. I’ve moved over to Westfall and will probably fly through to 24 now that I’m not in zones I don’t much care for.

I have a lot of things I want to say about Warcraft, I guess we will see if I can actually manage to get them written down, or if they’ll stay floating around in my brain. And so my latest blog experiment begins.