A Very Gnomish Pilgrim’s Bounty

Last night, the Lillis got together to eat delicious food. And torment the Horde. It was amazing fun.

We started the evening getting everyone together in the Stormwind feast area.

From there with some help from the lovely members of Amicus Fidelis, we were teleported to Silvermoon City. The pale elves were terribly unhappy to see us, but we ate their food anyway.
Silvermoon City

Once we were done in Silvermoon, it was time to head to Orgrimmar. Unfortunately most of us arrived still flagged for PVP, so we got to spend some quality time as ghost-Lilli.
Ghosts of Orgrimmar

I think that is Orcish for “What in the sweet hell is going on here?”

The arrival of a candy colored bear was something of a surprise.

But it turned out he was there to entertain us. Much nicer than those other people who killed us.

Soon he was joined by another bear. (Who, as an aside, joined us and came to Thunder Bluff. At one point s/he said “Ok guys, what’s really going on here? Is this like a guild thing or are you guys some sort of cult?”)

And THEN, the candy colored bears friend joined the dance party.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to our dancing friends, and we gathered below Thunder Bluff.
Thunder Bluff

We enjoyed their delicious food, and the locals left us alone.
Thunder Bluff noms

But then we decided to follow Cyn up the elevator.
Certain doom

This was not the best of ideas. (But it was totally worth it.)
Dead Lillimae

This Death Knight came running over to us where we were gathered beneath Thunder Bluff. And then she slowly backed away.
I think we freaked her out

Our next and final stop was Undercity. We thought for sure we were headed for certain death, but it was strangely empty.

And here is the end of our journey. It was a ton of fun. Thanks so much to the members of Amicus Fidelis for carting us around.
Goodnight, Undercity

Additional pictures from the festivities can be found at Tree Heals Go Woosh and Punt THIS!


I just don’t know…

I have tried to start a blog before. It did not last very long. Perhaps this one will be different, it’s impossible to say.

I spend a great deal of time playing World of Warcraft. My “main” is a Night Elf hunter named Maeli, but at this point she is my main only in that she has the most achievements and is the only one I raid on. I am not currently playing her outside of raiding at all – and I don’t raid very often. I am on standby for my guilds main 10 man group, and that’s it.

I spend most of my game time lately on any of my small army of alts. I just recently joined the Gnome Clones of Punt This. My clone is Lillimae, a priest, who is currently level 12. I was getting really demoralized trying to level her until I realized the solution – get the hell out of Dun Morogh/Loch Modan. I’ve moved over to Westfall and will probably fly through to 24 now that I’m not in zones I don’t much care for.

I have a lot of things I want to say about Warcraft, I guess we will see if I can actually manage to get them written down, or if they’ll stay floating around in my brain. And so my latest blog experiment begins.