Ah, my guildies

I was cleaning up my screenshots folder today, to kill some time waiting for some reports to run. In the process I came across this collection of images, in the popular theme of “Shit my guild says.”

1. Damn dirty gnomes…
I made an exception for the Lilli Clones of Punt THIS!, but in general this sums up my feelings on gnomes rather well.

2. Guild achievement first, sexy fun time later?
Guildmate Epilepsy and I were both in the position of having 199 cooking recipes, so we needed the Seafood Magnifique recipe to get Iron Chef. Everyone online at the time was recruited to start fishing from pools, as we were about 2000 catches away from the necessary guild achievement. I was waiting for my boyfriend to come home…

3. Booooooone Stooooooorm
Speaking of my boyfriend, he’s not very good about reading guild chat while he’s playing. I am Eularia in this exchange.

4. Why IS that ogre there?
My guild, putting the ass in class.

5. Speaking of ass…
Sometimes you just have to go for the easy jokes.

6. That’s not what we meant by “reputation grind”
Given the frequency of jokes about Boyd’s mom, I’m pretty surprised this was the only screenshot I have containing one.

7. And one last “your mom” joke

And that’s all for now. I keep kicking around some ideas for more substantive posts, but they seem to float away as soon as I’m actually in front of the computer. Maybe some day.