Heal (and transmog) ALL THE THINGS

This morning I got a RealID whisper from Joe asking if I would like to run a dungeon. Sure, I said. I can heal on my druid. So we ended up in End Time, me healing and him tanking on his paladin. We made it through with a couple of deaths but no complete wipes, and although I spent a lot of time going ‘AAAAAAA CRAP AAAAAAA’ I had a really good time.

After the run I was looking at my druids gear and realized a good portion of it wasn’t enchanted. Oops. So I took care of that, which included putting Power Torrent on my mace. I am actually using the Lightforged Elementium Hammer, but thanks to the wonders of transmogrification, it looks like a skull. With Power Torrent, I now have a flaming skull mace.

I have not done nearly as much work on my druid transmog as I have for other characters, but I do like the way it has come together, and the fact that the Guardians of Hyjal tabard (and my guild tabard) go well with the outfit. For the curious, this is what I’ve got:

Shoulders: Overcast Spaulders
Chest: Ymirjar Physician’s Robe
Hands: Fletcher’s Gloves
Waist: Fine Leather Belt
Main hand: Skullcrusher Mace
Off hand: Skull of Burning Shadows

Before I got the robe, I was wearing the chest and leg pieces from the Overcaster Battlegear set, but I like the look of the robes much better than pants.

If you are interested in some pretty outstanding World of Fashioncraft outfits, you should check out Cyn’s latest blog creation, Go Mog Yourself.


Going backward to move forward

I have two level 85 healers, my priest Eularia and my druid Zylphia. Eularia I leveled to 80 largely by healing dungeons, but then did not heal at all from 80-85 because of all the horror stories about how hard Cataclysm dungeons were. Zylphia has healed to 85.

I want to get them both to the point of at least being able to LFR, if not do the occasional guild run. Given that on Wednesday our guild 10 man had 3 druid healers, I figure I will start with the priest.

Right now she’s wearing mostly PVP gear, which means her iLevel is actually high enough for the Dragon Soul heroics. But, I haven’t healed much on her in awhile, and I am feeling very unsure. So I have come up with a plan, and a project.

I’m going to craft her a Spiritmend set. It’s pretty low iLevel, low enough to force me back to normals. But that’s ok. I want to gear up through the dungeon finder in something like a “normal” progression. It’s something I haven’t really done this entire expansion, and it seems like a good, controlled way to get myself back into the groove of Disc healing. If I get to a point where I really feel comfortable moving to heroics but my gear isn’t quite there yet, then I will add in a PVP piece or two to bump up my iLevel. But I want to feel like a competent, confident healer before I do that.

I really enjoy healing, and I miss it. I am hopeful that this plan will get me back into it.

I just don’t know…

I have tried to start a blog before. It did not last very long. Perhaps this one will be different, it’s impossible to say.

I spend a great deal of time playing World of Warcraft. My “main” is a Night Elf hunter named Maeli, but at this point she is my main only in that she has the most achievements and is the only one I raid on. I am not currently playing her outside of raiding at all – and I don’t raid very often. I am on standby for my guilds main 10 man group, and that’s it.

I spend most of my game time lately on any of my small army of alts. I just recently joined the Gnome Clones of Punt This. My clone is Lillimae, a priest, who is currently level 12. I was getting really demoralized trying to level her until I realized the solution – get the hell out of Dun Morogh/Loch Modan. I’ve moved over to Westfall and will probably fly through to 24 now that I’m not in zones I don’t much care for.

I have a lot of things I want to say about Warcraft, I guess we will see if I can actually manage to get them written down, or if they’ll stay floating around in my brain. And so my latest blog experiment begins.