Cynwise has had to step away from Warcraft for health reasons. This is having a rather enormous impact on me emotionally – I have a lot of feelings around loss lately, and I think this is bringing them back to the surface. Realistically I know it’s going to be ok – he is doing what he has to do, and he is not completely gone from my life, we still have Twitter and email and all of that.

He wrote a really fantastic story about Cynwise’ departure from Waypoint, which you can find here – and you really should read it.

Below is a short piece I wrote about this.

A Surprise Letter

Yeliz had been camped out in Stormwind, supplying Waypoint with flasks and potions for their work down in Pandaria. As she packed up her latest shipment to Ilithia, she found herself daydreaming of her time on the battlefield with Cynwise and Rosavin. Maybe it was time to get back out and join the fun.

She headed for the mailbox and sent boxes off to Ilithia and Maeli. The packages she had received were the usual – herbs from Maeli, potions from Katze, a few unsold auctions. But there was also a letter from Visper.


She set the boxes down and began to read the letter. It was short and to the point – as was Visper’s way – but it took Yeliz’ breath away. There was no real explanation, no extraneous information. A simple statement of fact.

“Cynwise is no longer with Waypoint.”

Yeliz found herself sitting on the Stormwind sidewalk. She simply could not stand up. She re-read the note several times, as if somehow the contents would change. A familiar voice suddenly caught her attention.

“Yeliz? Yeliz what are you doing?”


She looked up. From her position on the ground, the night elf in front of her looked enormously tall. Slowly standing up, she looked Maeli in the eye and said quietly, “Cynwise is gone.”

“Gone? What do you mean gone?” Maeli snatched the letter out of the death knights hand. Much as Yeliz had, she reread the note several times. When she looked up, she was paler than any night elf Yeliz had ever seen. “Come with me,” Maeli muttered. “We’re going to see Visper.”


They headed for the Waypoint guild house, knowing Visper would likely have no answers for them, but not knowing what else to do.